Useful Links



Ancestry DNA provides DNA testing for genealogy and can link to their conventional family history site. They have an Australian operation which simplifies ordering.

Ancestry provides a free to use family tree creator at


23andMe   23andMe provides ancestry-related genetic reports and raw genetic data.


Family Tree DNA    DNA tests for genealogy and ancestry


Gedmatch    Tools for DNA and Genealogy Research


DNAGedcom      Documents and tools to interpret the results of DNA tests, primarily for the use of Adoptees looking for birth family.


The Benevolent Society

The Benevolent Society  Post Adption Resource Centre

The Benevolent Society  Post Adption Support Queensland


Australian Journal of Adoption    The Australian Journal of Adoption is an online journal providing an independent open access forum for people affected by or involved in adoption.


Forced Adoptions History Page

Forced Adoptions History



Australian Adoptee Rights Action Group


 Genealogy Search Reources (USA Based)