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Australian DNA Hub and Within These Walls were set up to provide assistance to individuals whose lives have been affected by the separation created by adoptions, and to provide tools to help discover links to relatives whose identities are obscured by the bureaucratic practices of the past.

 Our Aims

 Senator Rachel Siewert's video on the first anniversary of the National Apology for Forced Adoption Practices

View Rachel Siewert's video on the National Archives website (available for download)


Welcome to the Australian DNA Hub

Our ancestors lived in specific times and places. Family history depends how we locate our ancestors within their landscape. Often, not enough of this is done by novices to family history research, but often analyzing locations are the keys and clues to unraveling complex families ties.

Which keys or clues to follow in a genealogical research period depends on what time frame you are working in.

People did things for reasons…..you must put their lives in context to understand what they did, where they lived and why they moved.

The processes described here are not new nor invented by me.

An entire community of people dedicated to genetic genealogy and helping others (such as adoptees) has arisen and the methods being used are continually improving, especially as creative software developers bring forward new tools to make use of autosomal DNA matches easier for us all fishing in the DNA ponds across the world.

On forums and Facebook groups it seems that the same questions get asked continually about finding family using DNA.

Australian DNA Hub believes there is still a need for more educational material on this topic and all in one place (finding the information usually requiring many hours researching across many sites and forums, to the point of feeling like a robot), and in the end, no place to put this information to help others.

With this in mind, the idea for this website was developed.

Connecting family history to that of our physical inheritance – as presented by DNA testing results, created by direct-to-consumer DNA testing companies – is the goal of everyone in genetic genealogy.

Each year is special and precious, you can only live it once so don’t put off doing DNA testing. Once you are in the database, we will continue to support you through the forest of information in your search for your family roots.

Know that somewhere in time the connection will be made for you or a future generation to discover.

Kerri Small

President of Within These Walls and DNA Advisor



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 "Apart" by Wendy-Lou Tisdell, symbolising the separation of parent and child.


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Within These Walls®” &Australian DNA Hub®” was formed to help those affected by adoption when there is little or no paperwork to connect adoptee and family together. The membership fees raised from our members will help us to produce the folders of information that are sent out to those seeking to know what tests are available for their needs.


A free database for matching trees from members’ test results is being setup.


“Within These Walls” & “Australians Affected By Adoption Reconnecting By DNA*”

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To provide advice in the use of DNA matching services to help establish or confirm family relationships.


We propose to apply for Government funding which will allow us to help those affected by Adoption.


Registered non – profit organisation.


                                                              President                Mrs Kerri M Small


                                                         Vice-President    Michelle Govers                               


                                                           Secretary              Bruce Small          


                                                            Treasurer                M/s Roz Dickson


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