Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can DNA be changed by Medications etc?

A. When people talk about things that "change their DNA" they don't actually mean their DNA per se, even if they are certain that's what they mean. Your DNA is set when you are conceived. What can change (and does so in everyone to some extent) is your epigenetics. These are markers on various bits of DNA that can turn certain genes on or off. Chemo and other large toxic chemical exposures definitely affect your epigenetics. Other things can too; some are normal and desired. Mostly, the epigenetic markers "reset" when egg or sperm cells are created, but some can be passed down (Lemark lives!).

The DNA tests that we all use (23andme, FTDNA, Ancestry, Geno, etc) only test the underlying DNA. They do not test for epigenetic markers.