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Australian DNA Hub is a non-profit organisation, which relys on a generous group of professionals and lay people to offer a range of services to those who have been affected by adoption. We rely on membership and donations from individuals so that we can continue our vital work. We want to create an extended multilevel support network in a "hands on" practical way, to heal hearts, to connect people, to bring them home.


It is hoped that in the near future that we are able to receive Government funding to reach out to even more people.


Keys of Hope (TM)  initiative is  a way of helping individuals by buying DNA testing kits to assist those in need.


Cheques and Money Orders can be sent to:


Australian DNA Hub/ Within These Walls

Perthville Post Office
Bathurst Region
New South Wales


Greater Bank 

Within These Walls

BSB 637-000 

Account 719 762 298


Thank you so very much.


The Australian DNA Hub Team.